Maggie Brown lives and works in Asbury Park, New Jersey. She has been developing her style of textured paintings since 2005. She grew up making art in Ocean Township, New Jersey and obtained a BA in Studio Art from Marymount Manhattan College in 2009. Most of her art supplies come from treasures found in the trash and her inspiration comes from the textures created by landscapes and rocks, maps, and topography. Her most contemporary work reflects her interest in the juxtaposition between edgy, rock-like formations and human made shiny, metallic media.

Maggie's process begins with scavenging. She repurposes objects with interesting textures such as gold foil, egg crates, cardboard and more and transforms them to create foundations for her paintings. She then paints compositions inspired by the organic forms of nature and landscape onto canvas and wood. Her process is developed further by continuing to layer more found materials, allowing her to capture textures which exist due to industrial byproducts as well as the natural world, showing the stages of both renewal and decay.